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I am a design summer intern at Spartan Super way. I have a really interesting task of learning the properties of beams when subjected to bending.

As it is my first week at Super way, I am starting off with recalling basics in mechanics of solids and theory of beams. I have also looked into advantages of concrete filled tubes over steel and concrete tubes when under compression and bending.  

                                      2.JPG                                            Picture1.png

Solomon’s knot design is preferred over other designs to avoid slipping between concrete and steel.
This also helps in reducing the probability of  fracture in sheet metal when subjected to bending. 

Picture2.png    Picture3.png
We want to perform both simulation and FEA analysis on the Solomon's knot composite beam to compare the deflection results.
Next steps involve running simulation on basic models. End step would be to attain the stiffness value of a full scale Solomon’s knot composite beam.

              11.jpg                                                        200px-RCFT.png                                                               

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